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    Can I Be Fired for Smoking Cannabis Recreationally in New Jersey?

    What Should I Do If I Suspect My Employer Is Conducting Illegal Activity?

    Can I Work While Receiving Workers' Compensation?

    Steps to Suing for Punitive Damages After a Slip and Fall Accident

    Disability & Discrimination in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

    Protecting Against Cyber Bullying

    Am I Entitled to Workers Compensation for My Injury?

    When Does Sex-Based Discrimination Law Not Apply?

    Pregnancy Discrimination Act & Reasonable Accommodation in Your Workplace

    What Does Workers Compensation Cover?

    Do You Have a Right to Work from Home?

    What to Do If Your Dog Bites a Child

    Understanding New Jersey's Laws Against Workplace Discrimination

    Landmark Title VII Decision Protects LGBTQ Workers

    What You Need to Know Before Signing an Employment Agreement

    Could You Be Experiencing Race Discrimination in the Workplace?

    COVID-19 and Job Accommodation: What You Need to Know

    Protecting Medical Marijuana Users in the Workplace: The Impact of Wild v. Carriage

    3 Subtle Ways You May Experience Pregnancy Discrimination in The Workplace

    My Employer Asked Me to Sign an Arbitration Agreement. Now What?

    I Slipped and Fell in a Parking Lot - Who is Liable?

    Should You Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

    Liability for Slip and Falls on New Jersey Sidewalks

    Can My Employer Force Me to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

    My Child Was Injured by a Neighbor’s Dog—Now What?

    What Damages Can I Recover in a New Jersey Prevailing Wage Claim?

    What Kind of Accommodations Must My Employer Make for My Disability?

    Are Dogs That Bite Automatically Euthanized?

    Is My Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable?

    Do I Need a Lawyer for My New Jersey Prevailing Wage Claim?

    Medical Marijuana at Work: What Are Your Rights?

    Can My Employer Reassign Me Because I'm Pregnant?

    How Employee Handbooks Could Create an Employment Contract

    NJ Could Limit the Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements

    New Jersey Explores Mandatory Severance for Mass Layoffs

    Groundbreaking New Law Restricts NJ Employment Agreements

    Pedestrian Crossing Rules in New Jersey

    Medical Marijuana Case Allowed to Proceed Under NJLAD

    Prayer in the Workplace—What’s Legal in New Jersey

    Legal Remedies for Sexual Harassment: What You May Recover

    Winter Is Coming, Along with Slip-and-Fall Claims

    Racial Pay Gaps Persist Despite Efforts

    Can #MeToo Lead to a Hostile Work Environment?

    Don’t Talk to an Insurance Investigator Until You Read This

    Two Former North Bergen EMS Workers Claim Whistleblower Retaliation

    How Seemingly Neutral Policies Can Support Institutional Racism

    I Told HR About My Workplace Harassment. Now What?

    Why Should I Get a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Claim?

    Can I Be Discriminated Against If I’m White?

    How Much Time Do I Have to Bring a Workplace Harassment Claim?

    NJ Proposes Bill to Ban NDAs in Discrimination & Harassment Claims

    NJ Task Force Prioritizes Properly Classifying Workers

    N.J. Workers’ Comp Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Is Covered

    How to Handle #MeToo Complaints in the Workplace

    Investigating Sexual Harassment in the NJ Workplace

    Social Media for Employers: Staying Legal & Protected

    New Jersey Toddler Suffers Third-Degree Burns from Wawa Water

    Jersey Shore Gas Station Attendants Recover $2.1 Million in Back Wages

    Legalized Sports Betting Comes to New Jersey

    What Are the Rules for Drug Testing in NJ Workplaces?

    NJ Employers of All Sizes Must Offer Paid Sick Leave

    Can I Get Fired Without Warning or Writeup?

    I Was Hit by an Uninsured Driver—Now What?

    Help! My Previous Employer Gave Me a Bad Reference

    Injured in a Train Crash? What You Need to Know

    The Difference Between Contingency Fees and Pro Bono

    Can My Employer Make Me Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

    Can I Get Fired for a Social Media Post?

    What Should I Do If My Neighbor Has a Dangerous Animal?

    Am I Entitled to Bring an Emotional Support Animal to Work?

    New Law Protects Breastfeeding in All NJ Workplaces

    Why Should I Get a Lawyer for My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

    How to Deal with Post-Accident Medical Bills

    Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

    How Can a Clothing Allowance Be Gender Discrimination?

    Go Ahead, Be a Good Samaritan!

    One Bite Free? Myths & Facts About New Jersey Dog Bites

    What Behavior Constitutes Workplace Sexual Harassment?

    Should You Settle Your Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer?

    Is It Against the Law for an Employer to Ask Your Salary History?

    Do I Get Paid Snow Days in New Jersey?

    Help! I Was Harassed at My Company Holiday Party.

    Am I Entitled to Take Religious Holidays Off in New Jersey?

    Are Hosts in New Jersey Liable for Personal Injuries to Guests?

    Use Caution When Hiring Holiday Help in New Jersey

    What to Do If Weather Interferes with Your Custody Agreement

    The Dangers of Holiday Shopping: Who’s Liable If You’re Injured?

    Divorced Parents & Control of Children’s Medical Care

    Can I Be Fired for Claiming New Jersey Workers' Comp?

    Changing Custody Agreements in New Jersey for School Activities

    Holiday Displays in NJ Workplaces: What’s Legal?

    Should I See a Chiropractor for My Personal Injury Case?

    Help! My Ex Won’t Pay for Our Kids’ Private School

    I Was Injured While Telecommuting…What Are My Rights?

    Using Social Media Wisely in NJ Personal Injury Claims

    Telecommuting & the ADA

    How Do Employee Benefits Affect Prevailing Wage Requirements?

    What Should I Do If My Employer Fails to Compensate My Work-Related Injury?

    Am I Entitled to the Prevailing Wage in New Jersey?

    August 26th Is Women's Equality Day

    NJ Bill Would Implement Portable Benefits Ideal for “Gig Economy”

    What Is a "Permanent Partial Disability" in New Jersey Workers' Compensation?

    Is Mental Illness a Protected Disability Under the NJLAD?

    Can I Get a DUI on My Bicycle in New Jersey?

    What to Do If You're Injured at Work

    Islamic Society Can Build Mosque After N.J. Township Settles Lawsuit

    What Are My Rights If I’m Stopped by the Police in New Jersey?

    Safety Tips to Prevent Personal Injury

    What Should I Know About New Jersey Bicycle Laws?

    Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Trees? (and Other Property Disputes) Part 2

    Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Trees? (and Other Property Disputes) Part 1

    Should I Settle or Have My Day in Court?

    Who Pays When a Personal Injury Defendant Is a Minor?

    Do You Have a Hostile Work Environment Claim?

    When Is a Wiretap Legal in New Jersey?

    Can I Sue an Airline for Bumping Me off My Flight?

    10 Things You May Not Know About NJ Employment Law

    Can Your Political Beliefs Get You Fired?

    Can I Sue for Discrimination Under the NJLAD If I’m Not a Minority?

    5 More Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

    5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

    New Jersey Drone Laws: Stay Safe & Legal

    What to Do If You’re Injured on Commercial Property This Winter

    Winter Weather FAQ: Snow, Ice, and New Jersey Personal Injuries

    Winter Driving Tips to Help Prevent a NJ Auto Accident

    How Long Do I Have to Be Employed to Get NJ Workers' Comp?

    Is Driving with a Cold as Dangerous as Driving Drunk?

    My Child Was Injured at School! Can I Bring a NJ Personal Injury Suit?

    How to Choose a Newark Personal Injury Lawyer

    FAQ: Politics in the Workplace

    I Was Injured on the Job in New Jersey. Can I Be Fired?

    Clowning Around Can Lead to NJ Restraining Orders or Criminal Charges

    Can I Collect Retroactive Child Support in New Jersey?

    World Rabies Day Raises Awareness for New Jersey Animal Attacks

    Falls Prevention Awareness Day: Reducing Fall Down Injuries

    Watchdog Employees Often Face Adverse Employment Action

    Does a Landlord Have to Fix Storm Damage in New Jersey?

    Vacations Influence When Couples File for Divorce

    New Jersey Prevailing Wage: Your Legal Rate of Pay

    New Jersey DUI/DWI Checkpoints Ramp Up Through Labor Day

    Divorcing? The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Protects You

    Changes May Extend New Jersey Child Support to Include Tuition

    Sheriffs to Round Up Parents Delinquent on New Jersey Child Support

    I Didn’t Understand My “Miranda” Rights. What Can I Do?

    Pikachu and Personal Injuries: The Dangers of Pokémon Go

    FAQ About New Jersey Child Support

    Victim of Discrimination? What You Need to Know About the NJLAD

    FAQ About New Jersey Divorce

    Court Rules Divorce Is Protected Status Under NJLAD

    I Can’t Afford a Lawyer…Can I?

    How to Handle Parked Car Collisions

    What Is the New Jersey Prevailing Wage?

    How YOU Can Help Prevent Motorcycle Injuries

    Bill Passes to Increase NJ Minimum Wage

    Exploding Hoverboards Cause Fires

    Chris Christie Vetoes New Jersey Equal Pay Bill

    US Supreme Court Supports NJ Policeman in Free Speech Lawsuit

    When Should You File Suit for Personal Injuries?

    Bicycle Safety Tips for New Jersey Roads

    Wild Turkeys Terrorize Teaneck Area, Attack Residents

    New Jersey’s Terrifying Health Hazard: Lead

    Establishing Paternity: The First Step for New Jersey Child Support

    How Do I Get My Ex to Pay New Jersey Child Support?

    What to Do If You're Injured In a New Jersey Bicycle Accident

    Can I Sue My NJ Employer for a Hostile Work Environment?

    What Are My Rights If My New Jersey Apartment Floods?

    Does Workers’ Compensation Cover New Jersey Uber Drivers?

    New Jersey Religious Discrimination in the Workplace

    Age Discrimination: Exceptions to the Rules

    Storms Bring Snow, Ice, and Slip-and-Fall Injuries

    NJ Based Johnson & Johnson to Lay Off 3,000 Workers

    What to Do if You’re Injured in a New Jersey Bus Accident

    Winter Driving in New Jersey: Stay Legal and Safe

    New Bill Would Protect Breastfeeding in all NJ Workplaces

    Do I Have To Shovel My Snowy Sidewalk?

    Hosting a Party? Be Aware of New Jersey Dram Shop Laws.

    New Jersey Firefighters Sue Over Hearing Damage

    Camden Employee Claims Religious Discrimination over Henna "Tattoos"

    Dangerous Toys Can Lead to Product Liability Lawsuits

    Holidays Can Cause New Jersey Parenting Time Battles

    NJ Supreme Court Relaxes Standards for Warrantless Auto Searches

    New Jersey Pregnancy Discrimination and Accommodation

    Does Workers’ Comp Preclude NJLAD Suits?

    U.S. Senate Introduces New Bill to Combat Age Discrimination

    How is Child Custody and Support Determined in New Jersey?

    Ask a Newark Personal Injury Attorney: Multiple Accidents

    Prenuptial and Reconciliation Agreements in New Jersey

    North Plainfield Woman Settles Premises Liability Suit for $522,000

    How Do New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Benefits Work?

    Basking Ridge A&P Workers Among Thousands to Suffer Layoffs

    Will the Ashley Madison Leak Affect Your New Jersey Divorce?

    What is the “Miranda” warning, anyway?

    Supreme Court Upholds Restrictions on Warrantless Auto Searches

    Workers' Comp FAQ: Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

    Whistleblower Protection Extends to All Employees, Says Supreme Court

    What are my rights during a New Jersey DUI/DWI stop?

    Distracted Driving or Cell Phone Use Will Cost a Traffic Stop or Worse

    Can police search my vehicle during a traffic stop?

    When Must I File A Workers' Compensation Claim?

    Supreme Court Upholds Fair Housing Act Discrimination Claims

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