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Producer Accuses Reality TV Show Judges of Sexual Harassment

Posted by Jamison Mark on Nov 14, 2014 1:00:00 PM
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ink_masters_sexual_harassmentA former production assistant for a television reality show has recently filed a lawsuit, alleging that the show’s judges sexually harassed her.  New Jersey resident Nicoletta Robinson claims that Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, two judges on the Spike TV series “Ink Master,” constantly made her job difficult through a series of acts that constitute sexual harassment. She claims that the harassment created a hostile work environment that made it increasingly difficult for her to adequately perform the duties of her job.

Robinson has made a weighty list of allegations.  Specifically, she claims that the men constantly made offensive jokes and came on to her. She states that the men repeatedly degraded women, made negative remarks about women drivers, and asked her extremely personal questions, such as if she was menstruating or if she had participated in anal sex.  When Robinson chauffeured Nunez and Peck, the men would sometimes poke or tickle her, not only touching her inappropriately, but also creating a potentially dangerous situation. When Robinson could no longer tolerate the abuse and harassment, she claims that she complained to her boss, who, rather than helping her, dismissed her from her job. The host of the show and former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Navarro, was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

In response to the lawsuit, Peck issued a comment stating that the allegations were “preposterous.” He claims that the show has a different atmosphere than many traditional types of work environments and that there was never any real harm or threat to Robinson.  “Ink Master” is a reality television program centered on tattoos.

In her lawsuit, Robinson hopes to recover for lost wages as well as unspecified monetary damages. In addition to monetary compensation, Robinson states that she also hopes that her story sends a message to companies that they “must protect employees from harassment whether they work in an office or on the set of a TV show.”

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