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Personal Injury Suit Filed Against Bike Sharing Service

Posted by Jamison Mark on Aug 19, 2014 7:00:00 PM
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Bikes in a row at bike sharing service kioskA customer who was injured after a serious bicycle accident has sued the nation’s largest bicycle sharing program.  Late in 2013, Ronald Corwin was riding on a bicycle owned by Citi Bike, provider of over 6,000 bicycles to New Yorkers who pay a small annual fee to join the program, when he flipped over the handlebars.  Corwin says that the accident happened when he struck a barrier that had been installed near one of Citi Bike’s bicycle docking stations. Corwin has filed a personal injury lawsuit seeking $15 million for his injuries.

Corwin claims that he hit his head during the accident, resulting in substantial brain damage.  A condition known as traumatic nerve palsy has cost him the ability to taste or smell.   Corwin requires ongoing medical attention and routinely visits specialists who are helping him to restore his lost senses.  Corwin says that his injuries have diminished the pleasure he is able to derive from life and is seeking damages to pay for his medical expenses and lost capacity for enjoyment.


Corwin believes that Citi Bike is ultimately responsible for his injuries because it did not provide fair warning to about the danger caused by the barrier that he struck.  Specifically, Corwin claims that Citi Bike should have marked the barrier with cones, tape, or other audible or visual warnings that would alert a biker to possible danger. He also claims that Citi Bike has acknowledged this responsibility, as the company has placed a large orange cone in front of the barrier since Corwin’s accident.


In addition to suing Citi Bike, Corwin has also named New York City as a defendant in his case because the city has established a contract with Citi Bike. Although there are thousands of Citi Bike users, Corwin is believed to be the first to suffer a serious injury while riding one of the company’s bicycles.  His case will be heard in a New York City court in the upcoming months.

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