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Recent Victories: Recovering Compensation for New Jersey Residents

Posted by Jamison Mark on Jan 24, 2022 2:54:29 PM

Now more than ever, New Jersey residents need to know that they aren’t alone when they face victimization, retaliation, and discrimination. The Mark Law Firm isn’t backing down in our fight against wrongdoing, and COVID-19 hasn’t stood in our way as we defend our clients’ rights.

Our attorneys fight tirelessly to obtain compensation for individuals who have suffered illegal, wrongful, and abusive treatment by their employers or sustained injuries as a result of others’ negligence. We hold corporations, property owners, and other powerful defendants liable for their failures to fulfill their legal obligations. Helping our clients recover what they deserve also helps hold others accountable and make society safer for everyone.

Even though the past years have impacted the day-to-day operations of the legal system, our creative and adaptable team has doggedly pursued justice on behalf of our clients. Recently, we have won many substantial verdicts and negotiated extremely favorable settlements. These include:

  • Whistleblower / Retaliation claims under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) -$852,5000
  • Slip and Fall injuries - $475,000
  • Age Discrimination under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD)- $475,000
  • Age Discrimination under the NJ Law Against Discrimination and lost commissions - $450,000
  • National Origin Discrimination under the NJ Law Against Discrimination  - $310,000
  • Wrongful Termination from Employment against Public Policy $250,000 
  • Sexual Harassment under the NJ Law Against Discrimination  - $175,000
  • Retaliation / Harassment under the NJ Law Against Discrimination  - $175,000
  • Retaliation / Harassment under the NJ Law Against Discrimination  - $175,000

Every case is different, and these verdicts and settlements are only representations of the scope of recovery that is possible. However, these results demonstrate our experience and proven success in recovering damages for our clients. We pursue claims in New Jersey state and federal courts for a wide variety of workplace and employment issues, discrimination claims, personal injury matters, and other violations.

Contact Our Experienced Team of Advocates

Have you been the victim of retaliation for blowing the whistle on corporate wrongdoing, discrimination for being a member of a protected class, sexual harassment, or negligence that has caused an injury? You don’t need to suffer alone. New Jersey law protects your rights to live and work in a safe environment free from retaliation and discrimination. Contact an attorney immediately if you believe you may have a claim.

The Mark Law Firm is taking all recommended precautions to protect your health, but we continue to work diligently to expose wrongdoing and recover compensation for injustices. Our knowledgeable, compassionate staff can help you understand whether you have a claim, your options, and the best way to pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to arrange a virtual, telephonic, or in-person consultation.

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