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Mark Law Firm Announces Merger with Lavigne Law

Posted by Jamison Mark on Jun 1, 2024 9:00:00 AM


Mark | Lavigne, LLC      


Mark Law Firm Announces Merger with Lavigne Law


[Springfield, NJ] In a strategic move to better serve clients throughout northeast New Jersey, the Mark Law Firm and Lavigne Law are pleased to announce their official merger, effective June 1, 2024. The expanded firm now operates under the name Mark | Lavigne, LLC and serves clients in Union, Morris, Middlesex, Hudson, Essex, and Somerset counties through their offices in Springfield, Hoboken, Somerville, and Nutley.


This partnership brings together two highly respected legal teams with long-standing reputations for their expertise in employment law, including workers' compensation, workplace harassment and discrimination, whistleblower cases, and employment contracts as well as experience in consumer protection and both trial and appellate work.


“We’re thrilled to announce this merger, which positions us to deliver exceptional representation while allowing us to serve more New Jersey clients,” said Jamison Mark of the Mark Law Firm.


“In addition to our extensive experience in the many aspects of employment law, Mark | Lavigne will combine Jamison’s background in personal injury and mine in corporate representation to offer an expanded menu of legal services,” observed Lawrence Lavigne of Lavigne Law.


A Shared Commitment to Superior Service

Jamison Mark and Lawrence Lavigne share a firm commitment to providing the best possible advice and representation for their clients.


“I live and practice law by the theory that if you do right by people, you will do well,” said Mark. “I treat my clients as I would my own family. I’ll tell them upfront whether I believe their case is worth pursuing or whether another course of action could achieve better results. It’s not about taking more cases; it’s about helping more people.”


“I want to be remembered by former clients for one thing: getting good results,” commented Lavigne. “I prize client satisfaction above all else. I know that Jamison brings a similar mentality to his work, and together, we’ll be able to provide a higher level of service than previously possible.”


About Mark | Lavigne, LLC

Mark | Lavigne, LLC is a New Jersey law firm specializing in employment law, consumer protection, personal injury, corporate representation, and appeals. For more information, visit their website at or contact the firm at 973-845-6606.



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